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Audition Notice: Isabella

Written and Directed by Karen L Waterfield

Auditions to be held Sunday and Monday, August 20 and 21 at 7:00 pm at Bedford Players Community Theatre, 1408 Bedford Highway.  

There is no preparation required, auditions will be selected readings from the script.

Isabella is a local story, based on true events, set in Halifax from 1914-1918. One woman’s story, among many, in an exciting, frightening and disastrous time in the city’s history.

A cast of ~16 (8M / 8F) of a variety of (adult) ages, including some non-speaking roles. There is something for everyone, so don’t just think about it – come out to auditions!!

Set against WW1 and the Halifax Explosion, this production is timely, close to home and will be celebrated in a few more ways than just the traditional run. Intrigued? Come out to hear more.

Inquiries may be addressed to the Director: klwater@ns.sympatico.ca



REHEARSALS:  Read-through August 31, rehearsals commence September 7 Thu-Sun-Mon 7-10 pm

PERFORMANCES:  Preview Wed November 1, shows Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun November 2 – 18 8 pm (2 pm Sun)


Role Descriptions

Character ages will be considered as relative to many other factors in the casting process.


  • Katie/Mrs. Moore (dual role)
  • Katie; current day nurse at QEII Health Services, Halifax, granddaughter to Mrs. (Kate) Moore
  • Mrs. (Kate) Moore; nurse at the Victoria General Hospital, friend, near neighbour to Isabella
  • Isabella; Roy’s wife, arrived in Nova Scotia alone in 1913 from Inverness, Scotland at 18 as a domestic
  • Mrs. Thexton; suffragist, organizer of various causes, e.g. Red Cross WWI activity
  • Edna Williams; wife of Stanley, neighbour and friend of Isabella, originally from England
  • Mrs. Meek; Roy’s over-doting mother, staunch British, generally disapproving of Isabella
  • Everywoman (2), non-speaking role, participate in mise-en-scénes and as background in scenes


  • Marshall/Roy Meek (dual role)
  • Marshall; current day patient at QEII Health Services, Halifax, grandson to Isabella
  • Roy Meek; Isabella’s (first) husband, Halifax native, works as a clerk, enlists in WWI campaign
  • Stanley Williams; local butcher, married to Edna, enlisted early in WWI, born in Lunenburg, N.S.
  • Mr. Kemp; near neighbour and friend of Isabella, father to Lawrence
  • Lawrence Kemp; young son of Mr. Kemp, near neighbour of Isabella
  • Edwin; local milkman with West Young Street on his route, married, brother to Skippy
  • Albert; gunner on-board HMCS Niobe, depot ship stationed in Halifax Harbour, born in England
  • Skippy; stoker on-board the HMCS Niobe, married, five children, home is Halifax, brother to Edwin
  • Everyman (2), non-speaking role, participate in mise-en-scénes and as background in scenes

Feature Image from The Old North End

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