Audition Notice: Habit of Murder

By Joanne Miller

Directed by Lita Llewellyn

Auditions to be held for Habit of Murder by Joanne Miller, December 2 & 3 at 7:00 pm at Bedford Players Community Theatre, 1408 Bedford Highway – across from Cascades Day Spa.  (Entrance behind All Saints Anglican Church, via upper parking lot.)


No preparation necessary.  Please arrive for 7:00 pm on either Sunday or Monday evening for a group reading of selected passages from the play.  Feel free to contact the Director for an advance copy of the reading material or with any questions.


(F) SISTER VIVIAN SALTER– 50-65- brilliant, caustic, poignant. Very Sherlock Holmes. She is a professor of philosophy at Mount Saint Vincent University.
(M) RCMP BUDDY– 50 – 65 practical, friendly.  Works diligently for the good of the town.
(F) SUNNY– 18-25 farmhand. Lives half her life in her imagination, loves horror books and movies. Grew up on the streets of the city, now works as a farmhand.
(M) HOCKEY HERO- LEO– 40’s. Really wants the best for the town but thinks everyone is too stuck in the past, is impatient to get ahead, to move them into the future.  Was the town hockey star in his youth, but didn’t leave and is now the town’s hockey coach.
(F) LPN- WINNIE PEEPER-40’s. is a dedicated nurse who works in the nursing home, is really jovial and rude with the patients, staff and guests. Has a tendency to flirt. She is a single mom who has a son who left town when he was 17.
(M) DUCK– 45-50 works for the construction company. The big, silent type.  Is covered with tattoos and is very scary looking.

Production dates:

February 28 – March 16, 2019

About the play:

When a human skeleton is found in the wall of the United Baptist Church, Sister Vivian Salter is called in to unravel the mystery.  As she coaxed the town to give up its secrets, she butts heads with the local officer, nursing staff, farmhands, and an eccentric mute who claims he convenes with spirits.  No one seems to be missing and the locals want to focus on enjoying their recent Hockey Championship win.  The case tests Sister Vivian’s spiritual strength as she tries to determine who and what to believe.  The more she digs, the more ghosts, murderers and memories she unearths.  – Canadian Play Outlet (Playwrights Guild of Canada) website.

Habit of Murder played to sold-out houses at Ship’s Company Theatre in 2015!

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