Audition Notice: Cocktails with Mimi

By Mary Chase

Directed by Elaine Melanson

NOTE (March 9th)  – Auditions are ongoing at this point.  If you are interested or know someone who might be interested please contact the director – Elaine, at


No preparation is necessary.


  • Mimi Ralston – 45-55, the hostess and the life of the party
  • Edith Ralston – 20-25, Mimi’s daughter, engaged to Lester Calthorpe
  • Clyde Elliot – 50-60, Mimi’s lawyer
  • Jane Elliot – 50-60, Clyde’s very conservative wife
  • Mrs. Carlton De Vries (Dody) – 65+, a guest at the party
  • Lester Calthorpe – 20-25, Edith’s fiancé
  • Leland Calthorpe – 55+, a federal judge and Lester’s father
  • Eudorra Calthorpe – 55+, Lester’s mother
  • Lucy White (Lu) – 50+, an actress
  • Burt Evans – 50+, an actor
  • Paul Hanson – 25-35, a waiter

Rehearsal and Production dates:

  • Rehearsals: Sun, Mon, Thu from Mar 21 to May 27
  • Production: May 30 to Jun 15 (plus preview)

About the play:

Mimi Ralston, a wealthy and much-married divorcee, is giving a party in honor of the reputedly formidable parents of her daughter’s fiancé. Typically she engages a stunt “waiter” to insult her guests and, specifically, to spill soup on the stuffed-shirt Calthorpes. But her daughter, Edie, fearing that her mother would never be able to stomach her future in-laws, has hired two actors to impersonate them—which works fine until the real Calthorpes arrive on the scene with their son. Thereafter the mistaken identities (and the fun) proliferate, until all is in a state of hilarious confusion. Fortunately, things are eventually set straight, as is Edie—who learns some lessons in love and life which spare her from what could have been a most unhappy fate. – DPS Website

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