Long-time Volunteer Retires

Long-time volunteer, Dave Parsons, was recognized at Bedford Players’ AGM in late June.

Dave has served in many capacities for over 37 years – he was one of the original members of All Saints Bedford Players and was involved with their first production – Oliver!

Dave’s most frequent contribution was in the area and art of set building and painting.  He could, and often did, design, build and paint amazing sets for less than $100!  To say Dave built every set for 37 years would be a stretch but it’s not a stretch to say he built MOST of them!

Aside from set design, building and painting, another of Dave’s talents was his ability to devise solutions to various theatre problems – these could be electrical, structural or picky little things like how to make it snow on stage, how to make a sink with running water or how to create things – many things – from pink styrofoam insulation.  Yes, given a sheet of pink styrofoam, a few tools and some time, Dave could create a wide range of ‘fake’ but very real looking items.  One that stands out was an old fashioned cast iron radiator for Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park” (2014-05 Season). The real thing would need to have been lifted by two strong men, the one Dave created and painted up, would fool anyone from 6′ away and could be easily lifted with one hand!

Dave bought a quiet logic to everything he did.  He never pushed himself into a situation, but if he was sought out for thoughts, ideas or advice, you could be sure it would be a good conversation, that would provide some excellent insight.  In a stressful or tense situation, Dave could be relied upon to provide a calm perspective.

Dave lives nearby and his wonderful wife Alleen remains involved with Bedford Players, so we hope to see Dave from time to time – he wasn’t averse to the idea of ‘consulting’ in the future when that was suggested at the AGM.

On behalf of Bedford Players, Elaine Melanson, President, presented Dave with a brass plaque which reads:

Dave’s Tool Cupboard
In Appreciation Of
Dave Parsons
37 Years Dedication To
Bedford Players

The plaque will be installed on Bedford Players’ tool cupboard for all who follow in Dave’s footsteps to see.

Thank you very much Dave! You will be missed.

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