Wanted: Stage Manager for Winter Production

stage_managerOur winter production is Drinking Habits by Tom Smith and directed by Clair Henderson. Although it doesn’t open until March work on that show has already started (auditions November 27 & 28) and in order to make it all happen smoothly, we need a STAGE MANAGER.

The Stage Manager fulfills many duties.  During rehearsals (starting in early December), the Stage Manager provides administrative support to the Director, ensures everyone and everything is in place and ready for rehearsals, provides a very important communication link with other Leads, and generally keeps everything on track.  Once the performance run starts, the Stage Manager – with the Front of House Manager – runs the show.

We’ll also accept expressions of interest for Assistant Stage Manager at this time.

The winter production runs from March 2nd to 18th and generally, the stage manager’s role would finish with clean-up/striking of the set and submission of a post-production report to the Producer – usually within a week of the final show.

Previous experience is preferable.  Beneficial skill areas would be:

  • competence with electronic communication (email)
  • excellent communication and organizational skills
  • a sharp eye for detail
  • a sense of humour and the ability to stay calm when others may not be
  • people skills: persuasiveness, patience, and tact
  • the ability to work under pressure, especially in the run-up to a performance
  • problem-solving skills and the ability to think on your feet
  • confidence and decision-making ability

Please contact the Production Manager at prodmgr_winter@bedfordplayers.ca if you are interested or have other questions.

Bedford Players Community Theatre is a community organization that operates on a volunteer basis. All participants are volunteers and their time, skills, and efforts are offered with no compensation.  We appreciate all our volunteers and could do nothing without them!


Image: By Mizusumashi [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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