Featured Volunteer – Bryn Rowlands – January 2022

Bryn Rowlands

Featured Volunteer – January 2022

My first play at Bedford Players was as Magnus in the November 2006 The Real Inspector Hound,   directed by Janet Godsell. I had 50 lines, was in a wheelchair and had a wig.  At that time, I was quite involved with Dartmouth Players, having directed my …

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Featured Volunteer – Stephen Melanson – December 2021

Stephen Melanson

Featured Volunteer – December2021

I was first asked to help with the production of Arsenic and Old Lace in 2014.  After seeing the quality of the production, how much fun everyone was having, and talking with members, I knew this would be a great place to volunteer.

So far, I’ve volunteered …

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Featured Volunteer – Alexander MacDougall – November 2021

Alexander (Sandy) MacDougall

Featured Volunteer – November 2021

Theatre has been part of my life for a very long time.  In high school (over 40 years ago!) I was involved with a few productions where I assisted with lighting and sound and did stage management (still one of my favourite areas of theatre …

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Featured Volunteer – Karen Waterfield – October 2021

Karen Waterfield

Featured Volunteer – October 2021

In 2005, during a leave-of-absence from work, I participated in a stage management workshop at Dartmouth Players.  Another participant was currently the stage manager for ‘Barefoot in the Park’, in rehearsals at Bedford Players, and announced that she was looking for an assistant for …

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Featured Volunteer – Fred French – September 2021

Fred French

Featured Volunteer – September 2021

How did you get involved?  I’ve been involved for about 12 years. I’ve always had an interest in theatre and had acted in some plays during my school years. My interest was renewed when I noticed that Bedford Players did some pretty interesting plays. …

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Featured Volunteer – Pat Brinton – August 2021

Pat Brinton

Featured Volunteer – August 2021


Why I enjoy volunteering at Bedford Players? In a word it is FUN!

My name is Pat and I joined BP a few years ago as the Canteen Manager. It was a great experience from a retail and customer …

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Featured Volunteer – Michele Gaudet – July 2021

Michele Gaudet

Featured Volunteer – July 2021

My first show as a cast member with Bedford Players was Sorry! Wrong Chimney! in 2009, but I had been in the audience for a few years prior to that. BP seemed to be a community theatre group that was known for producing entertaining shows, and …

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Featured Volunteer – Alexandra French – June 2021

Alexandra French

Featured Volunteer – June 2021

I first became involved with Bedford Players around 7 years ago when I was invited by Alleen Parsons to become part of the makeup team. At that time, I was in my last year of high school and had done makeup and hair for junior …

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Featured Volunteer – Amanda Willmore – May 2021

Amanda Willmore

Featured Volunteer – May 2021

I joined Bedford Players just over 2 years ago, I saw a post on Facebook advertising the monthly play reads and being new to the area I took the first step to go along.  I was made to feel very …

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Featured Volunteer – Ann Merritt – April 2021

Ann Merritt

Featured Volunteer – April 2021

I don’t remember exactly what year I joined Bedford Players, but I have never regretted the decision. I actually signed up on the website, sight unseen (pun intended). I was doing background (extra) work on film and TV projects and someone suggested I should …

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