February Play Read

February Play Read

We love having you take part in our play reads!

This is an ONLINE event on Tuesday, February 2 at 7pm.

By popular demand, we’ll continue to read a selection fo radio plays. This month, we’ll read:

Candy Matson, Yukon 2-8209: The Egyptian Amulet 

San Francisco tried in the mid-to-late 1940s to be a radio town and the most popular show on the airwaves featured a hard-boiled, gun-toting private eye who took on the bad guys and talked tough. What made this detective unique?

The Detective was a woman!

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe: The Medium Was Rare

“Get this and get it straight: Crime is a sucker’s road and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison, or the grave.”
Hard-boiled detectives are unsentimental about the violence they face, but few could take it or dish it out like Marlow. Behind the snappy come-backs and hard-drinking was a philosophical and contemplative man who was rarely fooled by the “Dames” he encountered.

Bedford Players’ play reads are an informal, fun gathering where everyone is welcome.

This is not an audition; there is no cost or obligation to participate.  The event is open to everyone interested in reading this script as a group in a social setting. No experience necessary!

You can take part or just listen as others use their voices to bring these shows to life.

To participate, please pre-register by noon on February 2nd by emailing president@bedfordplayers.ca

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