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Ticketing Q & A

You have “Seniors” pricing, but how old is a “Senior” in your case?

We define “Seniors” as 60 years of age and more.  Please let us know if you qualify for Seniors pricing.

Do I need to use my credit card to purchase tickets?

No, you can purchase tickets using cash at any of the Ticketpro outlets throughout Nova Scotia or at the door (CASH only  – subject to availability – see box office times above).

What if I purchase tickets and then can’t go that night due to illness or some other circumstance?

We understand that things happen sometimes and you’re plans may need to change. On the rare occasion when this occurs you can change your tickets by calling Ticketpro at 1-888-311-9090

How do I get my tickets if I order them online or by phone?

You can ask to have your tickets mailed to you (at your cost) or if you are ordering online from home you can print them yourself. You can also ask to have them held for you at the box office, then when you arrive on the night of the play, you just stop at the box office and pick up your tickets that we’ve printed for you.

How late can I purchase tickets for a show the same day?

You can purchase tickets online, by phone or at an outlet up to two hours before curtain. If tickets are available for a show, you can always purchase (with CASH only) tickets at the box office.

I have limited vision (or other physical limitation). How do I ensure I get a good seat?

Since our new ticketing system allows all patrons to select their own seat, you can ensure you have the seat that is best for you. Be sure to get your tickets early so that you have the best selection. We now have 14 seats in each row. When folks are looking for the “good” seats due to hearing or vision impairment, they often want a seat in Row A or B. That means there are now 28 of these front seats available for each performance and with 10 or 11 performances you have almost 300 possible seats to choose from in the first two rows! Be early and get the “best” seat for your situation!

I usually attend with a group. Can we order tickets so that our group can sit together?

Sure! We’re always happy to see groups attend! Just choose one person to purchase the tickets and indicate you want the tickets printed for you and held at the box office. Then let all the members of your group know what name the tickets are in. When they arrive they just go to the ticket pick up in the lobby and indicate that they are with the group purchased by – and indicate the name they were given. Their tickets will be waiting for them!

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