May Play Read

May Play Read

Spring is sprinting into summer and we have only 2 play reads left this season!

Wednesday, May 3rd at 7pm

Come join us in the downstairs lounge of our theatre venue

(main entrance, All Saints Anglican Church, 1408 Bedford Highway)

as we read the comedy

Welcome to Paradise

by Julie Marino

Evelyn thinks this may be her last solo trip to her Caribbean beach house before encroaching old age and interfering children dictate otherwise. Global vagabond Rory is just looking for a warm, congenial pit stop. Taking up Evelyn’s offer of a place to stay a night, maybe two, Rory finds himself feeling more and more at home at Evelyn’s place. She meanwhile is unexpectedly delighted to have an agreeable, helpful young companion. That is, until Evelyn’s suspicious and massively overprotective son, Greg, his stoic, long-suffering wife, Trish, and their mischievous teenage daughter Sydney show up to visit!

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Bedford Players’ play reads are an informal, fun gathering where everyone is welcome.


No acting experience needed – All are welcome!

A play read is a fun, no-commitment social activity offered free of charge by Bedford Players. You can choose to take part in the reading or just listen as others use their voices to bring these shows to life.

If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing any signs of illness, please do not attend this event. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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