2017-18 Season



by Karen L Waterfield

Directed by Karen L Waterfield

Thursday to Sunday from November 2nd to 18th, 2017

Thu-Sat at 8 pm – Sun at 2 pm

It’s August 1914, Canada has entered WWI, Halifax is in a state of preparation, and Isabella is engaged in preparations of her own.  The 19-year-old Scottish lass is approaching her wedding day.  A new country, a new life, we follow her journey through war-time in the harbour city.  And if that’s not enough, before the war ends, Isabella is caught, as thousands of others, in the devastation of the Halifax Explosion.  In a time of enduring stories of resilience in the face of disaster, Isabella’s is one to be remembered!

Based on the experiences of Isabella Sudds, with gratitude to her family and in fond memory of Keith Sudds.

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Buying The Moose


Written by Michael G Wilmot

Directed by Bryn Rowlands

Thursday to Sunday – March 1 to 17, 2018

Thu-Sat at 8 pm – Sun at 2 pm

After his wife discovers him at home, alone, in a, well, rather unusual situation; Rob is left in the cold when she assumes the worst!  When Betty leaves, Rob connects with his brother Greg, befuddled but reluctant to explain the ‘situation’.  Meanwhile, his wife seeks solace and understanding from Greg’s wife, Cheryl.  This comedy with heart and personal discoveries will make you laugh out loud.

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Sex Please We’re Sixty!



Written by Michael Parker and Susan Parker

Directed by Clair Henderson

Selected dates from May 31 to June 16, 2018

Thu-Sat at 8 pm – Sun at 2 pm

Mrs. Stancliffe’s Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast has been successful for many years. Her guests (nearly all women) return year after year. Her neighbour, the elderly, silver-tongued, Bud “Bud the Stud” Davis believes they come to spend time with him in romantic liaisons. The prim and proper Mrs. Stancliffe steadfastly denies this, but really doesn’t do anything to prevent it. She reluctantly accepts the fact that “Bud the Stud” is good for business. Then there’s her other neighbour, and would-be suitor, Henry Mitchell.  And, the guests, Victoria Ambrose, a romance novelist whose personal life seems to be lacking in romance; Hillary Hudson a friend of Henry’s, and Charmaine Beauregard, a true “Southern Belle”!  Bud attempts to entertain all three women, with a little pharmaceutical help, and, of course, plenty of misunderstandings! When the mayhem settles down, all the women find their lives moving in new and surprising directions.

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Tickets on sale April 30, 2018 at Ticketpro.


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