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Guide to Easy Ticketing

Finding Ticketpro

When you go to Ticketpro online, be sure to go to NOT  These are two very different businesses.

Finding Bedford Players

When you get to you’ll have a choice of 4 regions. You’ll want to choose Atlantic.


Scroll to find Bedford Players – or do a search at the top of the page.

Select Bedford Players

select (1)

Selecting a Date

Select the date you wish to attend.


Selecting Seats

Select either:

Seat Map  Automatic Selection
Seat Map allows you to select your own seats. Automatic Selection allows you to indicate the number of tickets you want, and the system will suggest the best available seats.
Part way down the screen, on the right you’ll see Ticket Quantity.  Select the number of tickets you require.

qty Enter a Pomo Code if you have one.

Click on seat numbers to select seats.

Note, the default is to provide you with seats in the same row. So, if you want seats in different rows, for example you want seats A1 & A2 as well as B1 & B2, choose quantity as 2 and select the first two, then add two more.

When you make seat selections, you’ll be presented with a pricing pop up where you choose the appropriate price for each seat.

In the right sidebar, you’ll see the seats appear in a list.  You can edit or delete seats at this point.

Click Shopping Cart

You can check date and seats a final time

If your order is accurate, select Checkout

Provide the required information to complete your transaction.

Enter a Promo Code if you have one

Enter quantity of each price category you require

Select Add to Cart

Check quantity

Check seats that have been selected

If both are ok, select Checkout

Provide the required information to complete your transaction.




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