Audition Notice: Welcome to Paradise

By Julie Marino

Directed by Clair Henderson

Auditions will be held at 7:00 pm (sharp) on March 10 & 11 (Sunday and Monday)  at Bedford Players Theatre (upper-level parking lot at All Saints Anglican Church) 1408 Bedford Highway.

About the play:

Evelyn thinks this may be her last solo trip to her Caribbean beach house before encroaching old age and interfering children dictate otherwise. Global vagabond Rory is just looking for a warm, congenial pit stop. Taking up Evelyn’s offer of a place to stay a night, maybe two, Rory finds himself feeling more and more at home at Evelyn’s place. She meanwhile is unexpectedly delighted to have an agreeable, helpful young companion. They both realize that their friendship is offering more than they thought.
“Evelyn, an active but lonely widow, and Rory, a restless wanderer, find that they complement each other, coexisting peacefully. That is, until Evelyn’s suspicious and massively overprotective son Greg, his stoic, long-suffering wife Trish, and their stifled but mischievous teenage daughter Sydney show up to visit . . . . [Welcome to Paradise] subtly refutes the assumption that young and old people have nothing in common and can’t be friends or even soulmates.


No preparation is necessary. See notes below for relevant information.

Notes for auditioners:

    • Rehearsals 3 times a week, Sunday, Monday, Thursday at 7:00 pm, beginning March 21 and continuing through to preview on June 4.  
    • 11 performances, excluding preview Thu-Sun, June 6 to 22
    • Auditions will be a table read format using different parts from the script; a prepared piece is not required. Character outlines and excerpts from the script will be provided.

Characters – all middle-aged (40+++):

    •  Rory: 25 – 30 A nomadic traveler with no particular place to go and flimsy plans to meet some ‘friends’ on another island. In reality, could this charming young man be in need of a friend?
    • Evelyn: 65-75 The owner of the beach house who is thinking this will be her last time to her beloved island paradise. She is having an age crisis and is, at times, lonely. Maybe this chance meeting with Rory might change her plans?
    • Greg: 40-50 Evelyn’s son, a grumpy middle aged man who believes his mother is incapable of making her own decisions and wants to control her plans…..!
    • Trish: 40-50 Greg’s wife, a brow beaten woman who is getting fed up of her grumpy controlling husband. Has she the strength to confront him?
    • Sydney: 20 ish Greg and Trish’s daughter. A young lady who wants a bit of adventure in her life and really didn’t want to holiday with her family. As things unfold it is apparent this will be a holiday like no other family holiday!!

Questions can be directed to the Director at

Bedford Players Community Theatre is a community organization that operates on a volunteer basis. All participants are volunteers and their time, skills, and efforts are offered with no compensation.  We appreciate all our volunteers and could do nothing without them!

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