2023-24 Season

Fall Production – Thursday to Sunday, November 2 to 18

Looking by Norm Foster: A single personal ad inadvertently draws four middle-aged singles together when Val and Andy arrange to meet on a blind date, dragging Nina and Matt along for moral support. High romance and contagious laughter are the result.

Winter Production – Thursday to Sunday, February 29 to March 16

Unassisted Living: We’re proud to present these two hilarious one-act plays by local Halifax playwright JL Allen!

In Some Guy from the Internet, Scott and Lydia are aghast when a strange man shows up at their mother’s house, ready for his date with Ma. If she can’t even figure out how to use a cellphone, how in the world did she manage to meet some guy from the Internet?!

The second one-act play by JL Allen is Octogenarians of Anarchy. When a bank error throws Agnes and Angus’ life into a tailspin, they decide on a drastic but hilarious course of action to right the wrong.

Spring Production – Thursday to Sunday, June 6 to 22

Welcome to Paradise by Julie Marino: In this funny and heartwarming play, Evelyn thinks this may be her last solo trip to her Caribbean beach house before encroaching old age and interfering children dictate otherwise. Global vagabond Rory arrives and Evelyn is unexpectedly delighted to have an agreeable, helpful young companion around. However, the premature arrival of Evelyn’s son and daughter-in-law creates a tangle of competing interests, loyalties and affections!

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