Audition Notice: Unassisted Living

By JL Allen

Directed by Bryn Rowlands

Auditions will be held at 7:00 pm (sharp) on November 27 and 30 (Monday and Thursday)  at Bedford Players Theatre (upper-level parking lot at All Saints Anglican Church) 1408 Bedford Highway.

About the plays:

In Some Guy from the Internet, Scott and Lydia are aghast when a strange man shows up at their mother’s house, ready for his date with Ma. If she can’t even figure out how to use a cellphone, how in the world did she manage to meet some guy from the Internet?!
The second one-act play by JL Allen is Octogenarians of Anarchy. When a bank error thows Agnes and Angus’ life into a tailspin, they decide on a drastic but hilarious course of action to right the wrong.


No preparation is necessary. See notes below for relevant information.

Notes for auditioners:

    • Rehearsals 3 times a week, Sunday, Monday, Thursday beginning December 4 and continuing through to preview on February 27 (Tuesday). Due to the 2 cast nature, we will be rehearsing 1/week for each cast and one combined for camaraderie and audience effect. For the Holiday season we will be dark after Dec. 18, returning Jan. 4, offbook (kidding.)
    • 11 performances, excluding preview Thu-Sun, February 29 to March 16
    • Auditions will be a table read format using different parts from the script; a prepared piece is not required. Character outlines and excerpts from the script will be provided. Therefore everyone must be present at 7 pm on the night they choose to audition.

Characters :

Octogenearians for Anarchy

Character – Age / Lines

    • Lefty – 86 / 50
    • Agnes Ferguson – 70 / 128
    • Angus Ferguson – 75 / 156
    • Steven Doyle – 35 / 51

Some Guy from the Internet

Character – Age / Lines

    • Marissa Sangster – 58 / 105
    • Scott Sangster – 25 / 115
    • Lynda Sangster – 32 / 146
    • Doctor Loveit – 48 / 74


Questions can be directed to the Director at or 902-789-8027

Bedford Players Community Theatre is a community organization that operates on a volunteer basis. All participants are volunteers and their time, skills, and efforts are offered with no compensation.  We appreciate all our volunteers and could do nothing without them!

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